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They investigate study and report on airplane crashes to figure out how and why they happened. Aviation accident investigators cover a myriad of areas and try to discover the cause of accidents. This is done through various means including interviewing survivors, reviewing and analyzing flight and maintenance records, studying human performance issues and operations, examining engines, systems, instruments and other airplane parts, Including operations, flight recorders, structures, cabin safety, aircraft performance (engineering), airports, air traffic services, and power plant (engines) to try and figure out what caused an accident.

INVESTIGATION: We locate and deliver private investigators that are highly trained field experts with diverse backgrounds ranging from former law enforcement to Aircraft Accident Investigators that have decades of experience working with Federal Government - National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Our Aircraft Accident Investigator interview witnesses and examine aircraft parts, instruments, and engines. They also review maintenance and flight records to determine the probable cause of airplane accidents. Aviation related engineering, medical and/or operational experience is required for a variety of professional positions with this safety related organization.

Experts: We locate and deliver high quality experts to testify in complex litigation. After we have discovered multiple experts who meet the criteria, our recruiters contact them to confirm qualifications, availability and interest. Only those experts who have a solid command of their subject matter and the ability to convey that expertise pass our test. In this manner we insure our clients will have the choice of the best possible expert that can properly support our client’s claim.

We assist our client to secure legal representation contract with the most favorable terms, including as to contingency fee agreement where the law firm is compensation only is there is a recovery.

The NTSB defines an accident as an "occurrence" which is associated with operating an aircraft between the time people boarded an aircraft with the intention of flying and when people get off. This also applies when a person is killed or is seriously injured and there is substantial damage to the aircraft. An interesting alternative to working in the private sector is a career in government. Many highly responsible aviation positions are to be found in the FAA and other Federal agencies. In addition, state and local government agencies are involved in aviation. Among its many functions in aviation, the FAA is responsible for controlling the movement of aircraft throughout the nation, establishing and maintaining electronic navigation aids, licensing pilots and aircraft mechanics, and certifying the airworthiness of aircraft.

Our professional team is able to make available qualified professional experience in:

  • Detect & Establish Fraud
  • Establishing Cause

We assist in:

  • Locate Documentary Evidence 
  • Deposition Preparation and Assistance
  • Preparation and scheduling of Expert Witness
  • Trial Support
  • Translation Services in 8 different languages
  • Perform as liaison for our clients throughout the entire course of the litigation.
  • Assist foreign client to secure visas, arrange for travel and expenses to come to the United States when needed for our client’s obligation the pending legal claim.

The financing for the needed for the expenses and cost such as: filing fees/court cost, investigation cost, experts witnesses, consultant services, translators service, court reported, videotaping, copying, special services, mailing, travel expenses and other out of pocket cost. All expenses and cost is paid out of the recovery and the client is not obligated to pay expenses and cost if there is no recovery.