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About Us

We have over 25 years of experience in the legal industry working with some of the largest and most respected and successful law firms in the United States that specialize in all type of litigation, including Aviation litigation. This allows us to choose the right law firm that would better serve our client’s need and insure the best result. We assist clients to better present their claims as we believe that even the most challenging case can be resolved by bringing alive the case story of WHAT happened, HOW it happened, and WHY a client should prevail in a compelling cohesive manor. The key element to succeed with a legal complaint is being able to choose:
  • The best and most experience law firm
  • Qualified experts to provide expert reports and testimony
  • Diligent and experience investigators
  • Secure diligent and resourceful investigators
  • legal representative needs to better support a claim

Our consultation service eliminated a client’s guess work and provides the assistance a client needs to make the right choices.